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Al Houssain & Al Afaliq Group

"Sustainable excellence and outstanding development"

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who are we

Al Houssain & Al Afaliq Group is one of the leading economic companies in food, real estate, industrial and tourist fields
in Saudi Arabia. It was founded in 1976 in Eastern Region – Al Ahsa


The group created its position in the Saudi market by developing strategic plans that enabled it to meet the challenges.

Al Houssain & Al Afaliq Group consists of

It is an investment holding company that owns assets in industrial, service, and real estate companies.
This is based on its principle of diversifying the sectors in which investments are made to preserve its values and fulfill the aspirations of its shareholders.
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The company aims to invest in and develop its subsidiaries with financial, technical, and intellectual support within unified controls and policies and within the framework of a tightened control system that ensures the group’s market leadership in the Kingdom and neighboring countries, as well as the quality of its products with global and standard specifications.
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Al Houssain & AL Afaliq Group Company believes that Al-Ahsa region is full of promising opportunities and is interested in becoming Al-Ahsa Oasis as a tourist, investment, and real estate destination.
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