About Us

Al-Hussein and Al-Afaliq Group of Companies is one of the leading economic groups in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia established in 1976. It is located the eastern region particularly in Al Hasa where the group introduced a leading manufacturing company. To maintain in the market, the company has endeavored challenges and strategies including employing experts and hardworking employees. It became competitive that led to explore the Kingdom extending up to the gulf region and by promoting positive approaches it was able to respond and satisfy market demand. As a manifestation, it became a conglomerate, broadening and strengthening ties to the entire Kingdom, and building a good name to neighboring gulf regions and other countries. As a demonstration of commitment, AH Group has extended its activities to vital economic sectors of the Kingdom and GCC countries. For more than 3 decades of existence, it gained good name. The vision and commitment that the company has, become a driving force to reach the pinnacle of excellence.

Our Mission

We aspire to deliver highest quality of products and services to our customers and community to earn their loyalty and respect

Our Vision

To represent high quality expectations of the customers.